About You

Being healthy and well means something different to every individual. Some of us have to work hard at it given conditions already faced while for others, health and wellness comes with much more ease. Either way, our own sense of being healthy and well is rooted in a full understanding of the functionality and conditional status of our bodies and what are the priorities of focus and attention.

While physicians have long played a role in post-conditional treatment, that roles has been more of a reactive role versus a proactive role.  The bottom-line is that individuals, and not physicians, are the true agents that can initiate the pursuit of best health and wellness possible.

The components of wellness include a balance, monitoring and management of your…

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise routines
  • Sleep
  • Prevention and care of injury and illness
  • Medication routines
  • Stress Management
  • Personal health choices
  • Healthy living space
  • Mental balance and health

At TMB Medical, we work one-on-one with individuals in evaluating, managing and proactively taking action to craft a personal health & wellness game plan with definable goals.  We also provide the services needed to monitor achievements and roadblocks to achieve those goals.


Setting Up An Appointment


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